Making an online payment has never been this easy. PSV offers two transfer methods, guaranteeing privacy and security of the payer. Low commission rates, fast and secure processing has made us one of the most reliable payment methods used worldwide. We offer several types of deposit methods, using bank transfers, Visa/Master cards or many other online wallets.

PSV Direct

PSV Direct transfer provides a way to send money to any PSV user, including merchants and online shops, using PSV direct transfer. The process is fast and simple with these three easy steps.
1. Enter the PSV account number of the receiver.
2. Enter the amount you want to send.
3. Hit submit and instantly you will see the amount transferred to the receivers account. It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Commission rates will differ depending on the Currency of the sender, with the lowest commission rates available for Verified Users. Check the Currencys section for more information.

PSV Vouchers

PSV Voucher is a fast, easy and convenient way to send and receive money globally. The process is fast and simple with these three easy steps.
1. Create the PSV voucher.
2. Send the voucher code via sms, email, social media or hard copy to the receiver.
3. The receiver enters the code and can instantly see the amount in thier account. It’s as easy as 1,2,3! You can also use PSV vouchers to directly pay from a growing list of sites that accept them as payment. Another bonus of using PSV vouchers is they are easy to exchange for cash in any online exchange website. Easy, secure, and confidential PSV vouchers will make sending and receiving money safer and easier than ever before.


Besides B2C options, we are also offering B2B services for online exchangers and online stores. By adding a PSV Payment Gateway you can send and receive payments on your merchant account at any time. Activate our API service and integrate it into your website to be able to use all our services. With a one-time set-up you will have both Direct and Voucher Payments available on your website. Our API solution automatically connects you to our payment system where you can request balance transfers, account transactions history, and more. This will put your website on the map for the thousands of PSV global users. You can check the details of API integration inside your account's settings section.

Oh and to make the integration an even easier decision for you, we offer to integrate the API 100% free of charge from our side at PSV.


All newly opened accounts are assigned the “New Account” status. New Account holders can receive payments in their accounts as well as deposit, but only via e-currencies. To be able to make a withdrawal of your funds, to use all the deposit methods and PSV full services, you will have to pass our simple verification process. You can get more information about the verification in My Account’s Settings section. After verification your account status will be changed to “Verified” status.

After one year of using the PSV account and having a significant number of transactions, your account will get “VIP” status, which brings lower commission rates and a possibility to get monthly interest from your minimum balance over one month. The “VIP” status can also be awarded earlier than one year, based on the total number of transactions you have made.

To use the PSV as a Merchant you don’t need to open a new account. At any time, you can easily activate the API settings and start using PSV on your website. We have made it extra easy to use our services. Start your online experience with PSV right now!

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Making online payments has never been easier. Within seconds, the customers can transfer money from their balances to any account they need. To refill the balance we have several methods in place:

Wire transfer

This is one of the most common methods of transfer to move your cash to your PSV balance. You need to transfer the money through the Payment gateway in the Deposit section inside your account. Upon the receipt of the funds on our side, your balance will be topped up in less than 30 seconds.

Electronic Money

PSV is collaborating with a significant number of online e-currencies, which you can use as a deposit method to top up your PSV account. Check the list of the e-currencies inside your Account’s Deposit section. It will take several second for the money to appear in your balance.


PSV is yet another method to store or use your Crypto-currencies. We guarantee that you will have one of the best rates for Crypto exchanges in the market.

You can withdraw your funds whenever you desire. There is no limitation on the number of withdrawals from your PSV balance. You can withdraw your funds using the same methods as the ones used for making a deposit. The website will automatically use the most recent conversion rate at the time of the withdrawal request.