PSV and its features

How I can use PSV?

PSV is an international payment system which allows you to send and accept payments online. Here are several ways you can use PSV:

  • Transfer funds to other PSV users.
  • Accept payments on your website from PSV users.
  • Shop online.
  • Store your funds in a secure place and get interest added on your balance.
  • Buy and exchange e-currencies.
  • Need another function? Let us know via our contact page.

What currencies does PSV support?

Currently, PSV supports accounts in Euros.

How to use PSV services?

To be able to use the full potential of PSV sign up for free.

Sign up, Sign in and Verification

How to sign up?

If you want to open an account with PSV you need to click on Register on our Home Page header section and then fill your information in the respective fields.

What should I do next after the signup?

After creating an account, you should verify your account so you can access the full features and capabilities of PSV. In order to verify your account, you need to confirm your email address and phone number, through the verification links and codes sent to the provided email address and phone number. Next, you need to verify your identity by submitting your Government issued ID or a copy of your passport. The last step is confirming your address, by sending any utility bill or bank statement showing your full name and address.

The verification documents’ dates should be from NO LATER than 3 months ago. The verification documents can be submitted both inside your account’s settings section or by sending the documents to "". Our support team will review your documents and get back to you within 5 working days.

How to get a “VIP” status?

Your account will automatically receive “VIP” status if you are registered in our system for at least one year and you had at least a total of €100,000 EUR deposited to your account. In other cases you can apply to get “VIP” status via "" and our team will check your application and get back to you within 5 working days.

What should I do, if I have lost my password?

You can click on the Forget Password link on the login page to get your password in your verified email address.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. You can only have one active account under your name.

How do I use “Settings”?

You may use this section to make changes to your personal information on your account, to specify the information viewable by the public, to enable or disable your security options, to create subaccounts or enable notifications. You may also verify your account. Experienced users can use this section to integrate API into their websites.

Internal transfers and Exchange

How can I make transfers within PSV system?

To make a transfer you need to have the Account Number of the recipient. Please note that account number is not the same as the Member ID. Account numbers start with letters E for EUR currencies. In the Send Money section of your Account you need to put the account number and amount, and then submit the transfer. You can transfer money also by creating vouchers and sending the codes to the receiving party, via any of your prefered methods of communication.

Can I get my payment back?

No, you cannot. All payments made within the system are final and irreversible.

How can I check the fees for the internal transfers?

To find out an internal transfer fee, you need to fill out the form on the “Send Money” page, click "Preview" and see the exact fee to be paid. Alternatively, when creating a voucher, after clicking on preview you will see the fee to be paid for the payment.

Why do I need to Exchange the money in my accounts?

Sometimes you need to make payments with other currencies than EUR. PSV offers a better exchange rate than most online shops. That is why we suggest that you exchange the currency inside your PSV account and then make a payment to avoid poor exhange rates from online stores.


How can I make a deposit via wire bank transfer?

To make a deposit via Wire bank transfer, go to Deposit section in your account and open an application for the deposit. After filling the necessary fields, you will be given the bank details. You need to make the transfer within 72 hours after the application is filled. Your account will be topped up as soon as we receive the money on our end. The time you need to wait for the deposit to arrive into your account and the fees associated with it, depend on YOUR bank and the intermediary bank that your bank is using for the international transfers. PSV charges NO fees.

Note: Please make sure to write the invoice number provided by the system in the comment section of your bank wire.

Are there any minimum and maximum deposit amounts via bank wire transfer?

The minimum deposit amount via this method is 200 EUR and the maximum deposit amount per transfer is 10,000 EUR.

How long does it take to make a deposit through bank wire transfer?

This mostly depends on the bank that you are making the transfers and the intermediate banks that your bank is working with. Usually it can take up to 5 days. As soon as we receive the money in our account your account will be charged. You will be notified by email as soon as your transfer is completed.

How can I make a deposit via PSV vouchers?

You can buy a PSV voucher in numbers of online exchange websites. To make a deposit with your purchased voucher, you need to go to the e-Voucher Depository section in your account and activate the voucher there. The money will be immediately shown in your balance.

How can I make a deposit through Exchangers’ services?

You need to get the list of the Exchangers that are working with PSV and do the transfer through their websites. You can see the list of the certified exchangers in the respective section of your Account. After getting the Exchangers information you will need to provide our Account number to them and transfer the equivalent amount through their payment systems to our account. As soon as we receive the confirmation of the payment, your balance will be charged automaticall. We do NOT charge any fee for the transfer; however, the exchangers have their own policy regarding the fees.

How can I make a deposit with the e-currencies?

You can see the list of e-currencies that our system works with in the Deposit section of your account. You can choose any of them and make a transfer from your wallet to ours. The money will be added immediately upon the receipt of the payment confirmation. Again, we do NOT charge any fee for the transfer, it only depends on the e-currency that you are using and on their policy.

How can I make a deposit via Bitcoin?

You need to create a Deposit application in the Deposit section of your Account where you need to choose the account which you want to make the deposit to and the deposit amount. After the submission of the application you will be provided with the wallet ID to transfer the bitcoin. Afterwards, go to your bitcoin wallet and transfer the exact amount as mentioned in the application. There is NO fees or limitations for the bitcoin transfers.


How can I make a withdrawal through bank wire?

To make a withdrawal through bank wire, you need to go to the Withdrawal section of your Account and choose Bank Wire Transfer, complete the form and click on Submit button. You can cancel your withdrawal anytime until it is approved by our system. Withdrawals via this method usually take from 3-5 working days depending your bank and intermediate banks. In our system your withdrawal will be confirmed within 24 hours. We do NOT charge any withdrawal fee, however, there can be deductions by the intermediary banks.

Are there any minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts?

There is no minimum amount of withdrawal. For the maximum amount of withdrawals, it depends on the method you are choosing. For Bank wire transfer the maximum limit per transaction is 20,000 EUR.

Can I withdraw my funds into another person’s bank account?

No, you need to withdraw the money only to the bank account under your name.

How can I make a withdrawal with PSV voucher?

You can easily create a voucher for any amount from your Account and sell it or exchange wherever you need. Just enter your desired amount and create the voucher.

How can I make a withdrawal of my funds through another e-currency?

You need to go to the e-currency withdrawal section of your Account and choose the e-currency you want to use for the withdrawal and fill the necessary information. The withdrawal will be confirmed within one hour. The maximum amount of withdrawal is 10,000 EUR.

Can I withdraw funds directly into Bitcoin?

Yes, you can. The PSV system offers direct withdrawals from your PSV Bitcoin account to your Bitcoin wallet. You need to create a Withdrawal request in the Withdrawal section of your Account where you need to choose the account which you want to make the withdrawal from, the withdrawal amount and your wallet ID. There is 0.5% commission fee for the bitcoin transfers.

Can I make a withdrawal via bitcoin to a wallet which is not under my name?

Yes, you can transfer bitcoin to another person’s wallet.

Can I cancel my Withdrawal?

You can cancel any withdrawal request as long as it is pending. As soon as the withdrawal is confirmed by our system, no changes or cancellations are possible.


How can I see my recent transactions?

You can go to the History section of your Account, apply necessary filters and get the report of your activities based on the filters set. You can also download the report in .csv file.

Can I delete anything from the transactions History?

No, it is not possible to delete any data from Transaction history.


What is API and why do I need it?

API Software helps to integrate our payment system into your website. Through API you can request balance, account transaction history and to process automatic payments.

How can I install API?

To activate API, you need to go to the Settings section of your Account and check the installation process. You can find all the necessary documents and instructions to make a successful installation.

What payment options will be offered to my customers?

Upon the integration of PSV payment to your website you will immediately have PSV Direct transfers and PSV Vouchers deposit methods in place.