PSV is simple to use

Pay online with PSV at online platforms from the worlds of gaming, social media & communities, music, film and entertainment, and many more. Neither a bank account nor a credit card is needed. It's simple to use:


Find your local sales outlet with the search feature.


Buy PSV there. It is available in these amounts: 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 EUR (at PayPoint, additionally: 125, 150, 175 EUR)


Pay online with PSV at thousands of online shops by simply using an e-Voucher.


My PSV is your personal payments account: You can top up your account through Deposit and use your e-Vouchers to make online payments safely. All your vouchers are in one place, ready to be viewed or exported into an Excel sheet if needed.

We are proud to offer the lowest service charges in the industry with our VIP account services.

Why choose PSV?

With our services, you can make online purchases on thousands of websites. Speedy, secure and straightforward system is guranteed to make your online payment as hasslefree as possible. Using PSV, you can send money directly to other PSV accounts or use our vouchers for online shopping. Low commission fees and immediate transfers gives us a competative edge globally.

Expand your online shopping horizons with us! learn more about our products.

Fast Transfers

It will take less than a second to confirm your transfer. Simply click on the submit button and the transfer is done! Register now and shop on thousands of websites.

Secure Transfers

Your privacy is our priority. We value your trust and take every measure to protect you and your information while using our services. For your convenience, using our vouchers reuires no personal information. Simply enter the voucher code and activation number to make the payment.

Easy Transfers

There are two methods of transfer using PSV. They are equally user friendly and only take a couple of steps to complete your transfer. Learn more about our transfer methods.

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